Level 3: Open for Day Care!

We will be opening our doors for daycare every Monday – Friday with our usual operating hours, starting Nov 1st.

We are super duper excited to spend our day with all the dogs again; playing, chasing, tugging, fetching, running, and sniffing the day away. If you’re keen to get your pup back in to us to let off all that lockdown boredom, flick us an email, message or call to let us know when you’d like to be in.

Or, if you’re one of our beloved boarding dogs who might fancy a break from that mundane home-life for a day of fun in the sun (or mud), contact us!

We will of course have to do contactless drop-off and pick-ups, so please be patient if it takes us a little longer than normal.

We can’t wait to see you all!

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