Critter Creek Menu

Dogs: Dogs in our care are fed either Nutro Natural Choice Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food or Royal Canin for those with sensitive skin or stomach.  We also have Butch White Label Dog Roll and a Nutro Grain-Free option available.

Cats:  Cats in our care are fed Nutro Natural Choice Chicken or Salmon Flavoured Cat Biscuits and Whiskas Wet Cat Food.

If your pet has specific dietary requirements you are welcome to bring along his/her own food and we are happy to administer any medications (i.e. tablets, creams, eye drops) your pet may need at a cost of $1.00 per administration.

A daily report is completed for each individual pet in our care.  The report monitors the animal’s appetite, bowel motions and demeanor.  This enables us to track any changes and ensure veterinary assistance is sought as soon as it is required.  If a pets appetite is poor we are able to cook food specially to make sure that their dietary requirements are still being met.

Our On-Call Vet is available, for any eventually, 24 hours 7 days a week.  Please note any veterinary charges incurred whilst a pet is in our care will be chargeable to the owner.