We offer additional services while your pet is staying with us.  All additional services incur additional charges and some of these services are outsourced to experts in their field. A quote for these services can be given at the time of booking.  If you are interested in any of these services please call us to discuss your requirements as they will need to be arranged in advance.

Critter-Creek_website_services-buttons-6_squareDoggy Daycare
Socialise/play/exercise in our secure, covered outdoor yards or our shaded courtyard. Allows your K9 kids to be active and happy, preventing boredom and enabling them to learn social skills in a safe, secure environment. Enjoy a walk in our onsite forest or frolic in our three fenced rolling paddocks. Our experienced and passionate staff spend time and lots of love with each and every animal in our care. Dogs are socialised according to size and of course temperament.

Critter-Creek_website_services-buttons-2_squarePine Forest Walks
Critter Creek is well established on 12 acres of rolling countryside. Three fully fenced, secure paddocks to romp in, chase a ball or just each other. (walk on lead, long line or off-lead in secure fenced paddock) One on one experience for every K9 guest whether in the forest on a lead or running free in the secure paddocks.

Pine forest walking tracks, including fallen logs to leap over, new tracks through the forest area are being developed regularly. Wildlife, pinecones and sticks gallore to chase. Enjoy a quick dip in Critter’s creek on a hot summers day or plunge into the re-vitalised concrete cattle trough, full of cool, clear water.

Critter-Creek_website_services-buttons-4_squareVeterinary Treatments
We are happy to administer any medications (i.e. tablets, creams, eye drops) your pet may need at a cost of $1.00 per administration.

A daily report is completed for each individual pet in our care.  The report monitors the animal’s appetite, bowel motions and demeanor.  This enables us to track any changes and ensure veterinary assistance is sought as soon as it is required.  If a pets appetite is poor we are able to cook food specially to make sure that their dietary requirements are still being met.

Our On-Call Vet is available, for any eventually, 24 hours 7 days a week.  Please note any veterinary charges incurred whilst a pet is in our care will be chargeable to the owner.

Critter-Creek_website_services-buttons-7_squareIsolation Unit
We also have an isolation unit, for dogs or cats that require individual treatment for health issues etc – particularly older cats that require medication and would not cope with the communal cattery.


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