On Offer

Hotel Suites

Feels just like home! Each suite has a human bed, dog bed, cosy blankets, toys, space to play and a scenic balcony view. Perfect for pets who enjoy the finer things in life! Available for both dogs and cats.

Motel Kennels

Cosy kennels for dogs of all sizes! Small dogs have specific indoor kennels to keep them feeling safe and near other little furbabies. Medium and Large dog kennels are semi-enclosed, with a snuggly sleeping area and seperate run.

Motel Cattery

Our communal cattery has a spacious indoor/outdoor flow with plenty of toys, tunnels, scratching posts, climbing beams and cosy resting spots. Our felines can watch and stalk the sparrows or lounge around soaking in the days sunbeams!

Doggy Daycare

Socialise, play and exercise in the fresh countryside air with three off-leash playtime paddocks and a pine forest ready for exploring!

Pine Forest Walks

Explore our pine forest tracks on this ultimate sniffari with one our caring canine attendants!