The below prices are charged per day (not per night).
Check-out time is by 11am with no charge for that day. If your pet is collected after 11am, you will be charged for that day.
All dogs and cats must be desexed and vaccinated.
Discounts are available for pets staying 19 days and over.


One DogTwo Dogs
Hotel Suites
Two walks a day, any breed/size

$55.00 incl GST

$95.00 incl GST
Motel Kennels
One walk a day
– Small Dog
– Medium Dog
– Large Dog

$37.50 incl GST
$41.00 incl GST
$45.00 incl GST

$75.00 incl GST
$82.00 incl GST
$90.00 incl GST


One CatTwo Cats
Hotel Suites
Own private room

$44.50 incl GST

$76.50 incl GST
Motel Cattery
Spacious communal cattery

$23.00 incl GST

$46.00 incl GST


One PetTwo Pets
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
Sheltered hutch and grassy run

$14.80 incl GST

$29.60 incl GST
Own cage

$7.00 incl GST

$14.00 incl GST
Own cage

$10.78 incl GST

$21.56 incl GST

Doggy Day Care

Full Day
All day socialising in small groups and one
paddock playtime session or pine forest walk
One Dog$36.50 incl GST
Two Dogs$58.00 incl GST
Three Dogs$79.50 incl GST

Extra Activities

Per Walk
Pine Forest Walk
The ‘Sniffari’. Forest tracks, fallen logs, pinecones and wildlife to chase!
$12.50 incl GST
Paddock Playtime
Balls, frisbes, ropes, long grass and a human to play with!
$12.50 incl GST


Medication Surcharge
Charged per administration

$1.15 incl GST
Public Holiday Surcharge
Incurred on statutory holidays

$6.75 incl GST
Undesexed Surcharge
Accepted under special circumstances

$3.30 incl GST

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