Hotel Suites


Our Hotel Suites resemble a cosy bedroom, just like at home! Each Suite has a comfortable human bed and pillow, a dog bed with snuggly blankets and a private balcony with scenic views! A towel covers the centre of the floor for any overnight toileting, and a fan or heater is provided to help keep your pet comfortable all year round. Your pup will get a walk through our pine forests fresh air every morning, and a pack walk midday in our off-lead playtime paddock!
Includes two walks per day


Our feline Suites have been catified with scratching posts, toys, tunnels, cosy hiding spots and a window perch to watch the world go by. We use PussyDo litter and have feline specific linen because we know your kitty doesn’t want a stinky dog blanket! Each cat receives two ‘cat walks’ a day, which is equivalent to our dog walks except the time is spent cuddling and playing with your cat in their private suite!

  • $95.00 two dogs
    $135.00 three dog
  • $76.50 two cats
    $108.50 three cats

New Dog Trial Day

All new canine guests are required to attend a trial day before their stay.
This is a free of charge day care stay, which will help both your dog and our team here get to know and evaluate each other. They will spend their day socialising with other suitable dogs of similar size and nature, and have a big pack run with friends in our secure off-leash playtime paddock.

This day stay helps us assess how new dogs handle the day care environment, what their energy and temperament is like, and to see what dogs they will suit socialising with in the future. But most importantly, it helps your dog get to know us and our daily routine, which helps them be able to settle in more comfortably when they come back to stay with us overnight.

Trial days are available Saturday – Thursday
Dogs must arrive by 10am and can be picked up anytime after 3pm


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