What to bring?

Vaccination Certificate
There is strictly no admittance without proof of up to date vaccinations!
We require three vaccines for dogs, and one vaccine for cats:

Canine Cough (valid for 1 year):
With either Canigen KC or Nobivac KC or Protech Bronchi-Shield III or Canvac CCi or Vanguard CC

Leptospirosis (valid for 1 year):
With either: Leptoguard or Nobivac Lepto

Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis (valid for 3 years):
With either Vanguard 5 or Nobivac DHPPI

Calicivirus, Herpesvirus (valid for 3 years):
With either Felocell 3 or Nobivac Tricat Trio

We are more than comfortable with medications. There is a $1.15 incl GST surcharge per medication administration.
Please label all medications as follows:
Pet’s name
Medication name
Dosage and frequency

If your dog will be happier on their own food, or has a veterinary prescribed diet, you are more than welcome to bring it along. Please ensure it is clearly labelled with your pet’s name, serving sizes and ensure there is enough food for the duration of their stay.

Otherwise we feed our dogs Eukanuba or Royal Canine Sensitive Digestion dry biscuits with Butch White Label dog roll. We feed our cats Royal Canine Fit dry biscuits and Royal Canin Instinctive wet food.

You are most welcome to bring your pets favourite blanket, bed or toy as this can be comforting for you furbaby! Please ensure they are clearly named and machine washable. We usually do not take belongings for cats in our communal cattery as we cannot guarantee others cat’s won’t cuddle up on your pet’s blanket- or have a cheeky toilet on it (as is natural for cats!). We cannot take responsibility for unnamed items, and please no bean bag or soft basket style beds.

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