Health & Medical Treatments

All animals have their own monitoring charts that are filled out multiple times a day to assess their appetite, physical condition, toileting and demeanour. This enables us to track any changes and ensure veterinary assistance is sought as soon as it is required. 

Health Conditions
We are more than happy to cater to your pets individual health, and regularly have guests with heart conditions, diabetes, skin issues etc.
Please contact us if your pet has any serious medical conditions to discuss the care that would be required, and see if we are the right fit for your beloved pet.

There is a $1.15 incl GST surcharge per medication administration. Please bring the original packaging of any medications and ensure they are clearly labelled as follows:
Pet’s name
Medication name
Dosage and frequency

Please note, a $20.00 incl GST transport surcharge is applicable should we need to collect medication during your pets stay.

Veterinary Treatments
We have a close relationship with Vets North Kumeu and will take your pet for a consult should we feel they need veterinary attention. Please note, charges incurred will be due on check-out, including a $20.00 incl GST transport surcharge.


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