Doggy Daycare

No Daycare vacancies on Wednesday’s or Friday’s
We are currently at capacity for regular day care guests on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Doggy Day Care is a great place for your K9 kids to socialise and play in a safe and secure environment. Day Care prevents boredom and provides your dog opportunities to improve their social skills and make canine friends! You can run errands or head to work with a peace of mind, knowing your dog is having fun with their doggy pals and our caring and passionate canine attendants!

Socialise and play all day long with appropriate canine friends PLUS go for a big run around in our secure off-lead playtime paddock!

Why Critter Creek?

Not every daycare offers an outdoor paddock playtime session!

Our dogs spend their day in groups of 6-8 with dogs of similar size and temperament. These small groups are different from many other facilities in that your dog isn’t surrounded by over 30 other dogs with different energy levels- which can be stressful! Instead, your dog is treated like the individual they are, meaning your dignified 10 year old won’t be pestered by a bouncy puppy (unless she’s into that!). These small groups lead to more comfortable dogs with more positive interactions.

Daily Routine
Our dogs spend the day in covered yards, open to the fresh country air, with toys, beds and tables to jump and climb on with their canine friends. During their midday pack walk, your dog will get to play, run, sniff, chase and fetch till their hearts content with 10-15 other friends in our secure off-lead playtime paddock!

Your dog tells us where, and who, they would like to spend their time with

Our staff are experts at reading canine behaviour and body language, which means we can understand what your dog is communicating, who they would like to play or hang out with, and where they would prefer to be!
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