Motel Kennels

Critter Creek’s kennels are available for all dogs. For the comfort and safety small dogs are kept separate from the medium to large dogs.from $36.50 per day please see our pricelist for more information

This avoids intimidation of smaller dogs by larger dogs and injury that may be caused by larger dogs knocking the smaller ones over.


Small dogs are housed in specific Small Dog Kennels and also have their own exercise yards.  Medium to large dogs have their own kennels and exercise yards.  Each Kennel and exercise yard is cleaned and sanitized every day.

Single Small Dog Kennel

Double Small Dog Kennel

Small Dogs have their own plastic basket bed and Large Dogs have their own raised platform bed so they are not sleeping on the ground.  Every dog is provided with plenty of comfy fleece blankets to snuggle up on or under.

Single Large Dog Kennel

We do have a select number of Kennels in the Small and Larger Dog sections to accommodate more than one dog which are suitable for families. However these are quite popular so we advise that you contact us first to check on availability. Dogs are in exercise yards for the majority of the day and then placed back in their individual kennels for feeding and sleeping.  During busier times it may be necessary to rotate the dogs though the exercise yards so that everyone gets a turn.  Were possible, after assessing a dogs demeanor and subject to the pet owners approval, we will put similar suitable dogs out in exercise areas together for socialization and playtime with their own kind.

Each exercise yard is set up differently, some yards have picnic tables and large reels for active dogs whose simple pleasures include jumping on or off things.  Others just have rugs on the ground for guests who prefer to just lounge about.  Each exercise yard has a paddling pool in summer for extra fun and an opportunity to cool off on those hot days.

Every dog in the kennels is taken for one Pine Forest Walk each day.  If you feel your pet requires more exercise extra Pine Forest Walks and Paddock Playtime with one of our Kennel Assistants can be arranged for an additional cost. Dogs in our care are fed Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog food and Butch White Label Dog Roll.

All dogs staying more than 4 days are treated to a complimentary Hydrobath before going home.

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