Hotel Suites

Critter Creek’s individual “hotel” suites are especially for those very pampered pets who enjoy the finer things in life.

Or those that prefer to keep their own company, available for both cats and dogs.

for dogs from $54.50 per day, for cats from $43.32 per day please see our pricelist for more information

The suites are set up to resemble a bedroom, like that which would be found at home, with bed and mattress, a duvet and pillow and extra fluffy blankets to lie on or cuddle up in. Each suite has its own private deck or courtyard. Depending on the time of year a fan or a heater is provided in each suite to help keep your pet comfortable all year round.


The suites open into a secure main courtyard area where smaller dogs can get together for a bit of social time during the day. There is a radio in the main courtyard for noise stimulation which is turned on during the day and turned off at night to help with settling down at bedtime.


For the safety and comfort of all guests separate exercise pens are available for larger dogs staying in the suites so they do not have to mix with the littlies. The large exercise areas have a paddling pool in summer for a bit of extra fun and to help cool down on those hot days. Each suite and exercise area is cleaned and sanitized every day.

Dogs in the suites are taken for two Pine Forest Walks each day. For those requiring more exercise extra Pine Forest Walks or Paddock Playtime is available at an additional cost.

Each dog is returned to his or her individual suite for feeding and sleeping. Dogs in the suites are fed Nutro Natural Choice dry dog food. Tinned wet food and Butch White Label Dog Roll is also available on request.

All dogs staying for 4 days or longer are treated to a complimentary hydrobath before going home.

Suites are available in different sizes. The larger ones can take more than one dog so are able to accommodate families.  (Due to the number of clients we have with more than one dog it is advisable to contact us first to check on availability).


Cats that are staying in the suites are screened off so that they are unable to see the dogs and the dogs cannot see the cats to avoid stress and discomfort to your pet.  They are provided with a scratch post, Cocoons and hiding places and snuggly blankets to cuddle up on or under. Each suite has a litter tray which is changed each day and our cat guests are fed Whiskas Wet Food and Nutro Natural Choice Cat Biscuits.

Ollie Suite

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