“Motel” Cattery

Critter Creek’s cattery is split into two areas, indoor and outdoor, which are connected to create an indoor/outdoor flow.

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The cattery is communal and therefore all cats entering the cattery must be de-sexed.  For timid, non-sociable or entire (non-desexed) cats you may like consider the individual “hotel” suites (link). The indoor area is set up with chairs, household furniture and a radio . Cat scratching posts, tunnels and hanging toys are available to play with. For those preferring the quiet life there are lots of comfy places to snuggle up and sleep or hide away.  The large windows allow our feline guests to freely observe the comings and goings outside and provide great airflow on hot days.


The outdoor area has branches and resting spots to climb and jump around on for the more active cats.  Half of the outdoor area is covered to provide a place to get out of the rain or sun but still be outside.


Cats are fed Whiskas Sachets once a day. Nutro Natural Choice Biscuits are available to graze on all day with bowls distributed about the cattery.  Fresh water is freely available from bowls located in several areas in both the outdoor and indoor areas, and a water fountain inside.

The cattery is fully sanitized every day and fresh litter trays of untreated sawdust provided in enclosed boxes for your cats privacy.


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